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Five Hour Vacation: North Shore

I imagine most folks reading this have paid vacation time, sick days, and other things generally found in the "pros" column of working for someone else. For those of us self employed and entrepreneurial types - planning an all out get away can be out of the question most of the time, especially in the first five years of starting a business.

About a year ago, at the very bottom of my barrel, I sat. Burnt out, not all that happy, flailing and failing most days - at least within. I actually felt trapped in a vessel of my own making. A disappointment to myself and others - some I know for sure, others I can only guess. The thing that got me through was this business, and the spark of energy I still had even when life at large had me feeling so depleted. As it turns out, if you're overwhelmed, not sleeping, eating in ways your body responds poorly too, and keeping company that brings you down - it's damn near impossible to be successful in business when you're the one driving it. Good self care, carving out time for solitude, and planning down time into an impossibly busy schedule are the life lines for both my shop and my studio practice. Maybe even my health and well being. Having put myself in a creative field, I cannot succeed if I am uninspired, and inspiration comes with space, slower pace, and time away - however brief. Being the nature lover that I am, nothing sets my soul right like open spaces, away from the sounds of people rushing and being rushed. Bonus points for clear pond water, salt air, or hiking trails lined with a kaleidoscope of textural details and sweeping lookout points

Here's some snaps from a recent spur of the moment escape from the city. After work one Sunday I managed to score a bounty of local produce, pickles, and jam; find the most amazing, vintage-y clam shack that happens to tout itself as serving the world's finest gluten free seafood (they weren't lying), and have a stroll in the surf at sunset. I 100% might go back this weekend, because fish and chips. If you have suggestions for easy day trips in and around the Boston area - send them my way! I can always use more adventures.

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