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Superfood pesto.

How are you holding up this winter? If you have even the slightest tendency towards SAD, then by now - the grey days and constant shivering are starting to take their toll on you. I need a lot of movement this time of year. They say it takes money to make money, and I think the same thing is true for energy. Feeling blah can make you want to become one with the sofa, put things off, and eat a boatload of junk that might perpetuate the cycle until spring. Yoga and hiking are my go to cold weather exercise favorites, but in a pinch - sometimes I'll just clean as fast as I can and go with the two birds, one stone approach. The other thing that keeps me going is consuming as many green foods as I can, as pleasurably as possible. Sometimes this looks like the kale pesto as pictured above, sometimes it's a big pot of slow cooked butter beans with leeks, celery, savoy cabbage, and a parsley pistou to swirl on top. Fresh pressed juices. Herbs. Matcha lattes. Give me all the green.

This recipe works best in a Vitamix or other powerful blender, but a food processor will do, and if you feel like getting an arm workout - you are more than welcome to make this pesto the traditional way - hand ground in a mortar and pestle.

Superfood Pesto

1/3 c. EVOO

juice from two lemons

1 large bunch of Lacinato kale

generous handful of roasted pepitas

(sunflower seeds also work well)

1/3 c. pecorino

(Parmesan in a shaker is fine for this,

I use pecorino as it is made with sheep's


Add all ingredients in order. You want the liquid in the bottom, and the heavy stuff on top so it encourages the processing once the blade gets going. Start at a low speed, and use the tamper down the sides to guide the greens into the rotating blade. ONLY use the intended equipment for this. If you're using a food processor, pulse the mixture and if you need to stir it encourage an even consistency, be sure the blade has fully stopped.

Transfer into a jar. Keeps in the fridge for about a week.

USES: spread on toast and crackers, as a base for a white pizza, stirred into soup, mix into cooked rice or quinoa with a soft cooked egg for a super fast meal.


Let's embrace the changing light, the lengthening days, the shorter nights. Spring is on her way.

Here's a picture of my very dirty kitchen, on a day where I returned home from grocery shopping just as the sun was starting to lower in the sky, setting the room aglow.

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