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The Bare Hands dry gloss manicure kit is a bundle of tools for tending to your talons, dear ones. Not just for the sake of looking lovely. Cuticles need care so they don’t split and tear. Jagged edges can be unwittingly dangerous.

Have you ever used a crystal file? A traditional emery board is basically sandpaper, and the pitfalls of that are obvious. A glass and mineral file, in addition to lasting forever— binds the keratin cells together as you use it, smoothing, healing the tiniest of splits and cracks, and buffing your nail bed to a lovely, polish-free shine. This set includes two orange sticks, a microfiber cloth, a half-moon shaped crystal file, cuticle oil, and a beautiful white leather roll up case. Tucked inside is a QR code with a little video to show you how it’s done.

These are great to keep tucked away in your bag, and are useful for almost anyone, but I always think of people and professions that use their hands and aren’t the type to keep them painted. Jewelers, doctors and nurses, chefs, massage therapists, naturalists, potters, guitar and string players, etc. Anyone handling the marshmallow skin of a newborn. You get the idea.

Bare Hands manicure set

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