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Bahn Mi crostini.

I did these as a riff on the Bon Me staples when I went gluten free, and barely miss the original. Those deviled tea eggs, though. Those I make a stop for when I am in the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge and need a snack.

These crostini are perfect party nibbles, or a fun take on dinner when you want to eat finger foods and watch a movie.








pickles: I love Grillo's, and I hate to waste things, so I added a little sugar and lime juice to my container once the pickles that came in it were gone, and used that as my base. Asian style pickles are usually a little sweet, so if you have a jar of dill or bread and butters on hand and don't want to bother making another brine, this time saving trick is more than sufficient, and is always a good way to use up the flavor packed liquid left behind when all the good stuff is gone. Just make sure it's not spoiled/moldy/a remnant from the distant past. Not that you would have things in your fridge that long. Anyway...add thinly sliced pickling cukes, shredded carrots, white onions, bell peppers - whatever you like, (but maybe skip radishes since they tend to turn a little funky and overpower everything) shove them in there, and put the container back in the fridge. Preferably in place you won't accidentally forget about them for the better half of a decade. Not pointing fingers... PRO TIP: the tannins in bay and grape leaves help keep pickles super crunchy, so if you've got either around, throw one into the mix.

- slice baguette into half inch coins, toss lightly in a large bowl with olive oil. arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet, bake at 400 degrees until toasted (10 minutes? My oven is ancient and unpredictable, just keep an eye on them). Remove from baking sheet and set aside.

-in a small jar or bowl, stir together about two tablespoons of tamari and the juice from a half of a lime.

- spread a thin layer of pate on each crostini, add a pile of rainbow pickles, a hefty sprinkle of mint and cilantro, and a light drizzle of the tamari sauce.

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