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Magical Maynard.

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Bibimbop. Photo credit: @scorpionoil Instagram

On any day of the week, no matter the weather, you might see a petite woman in sun glasses, wide brimmed hat, and possibly wearing an apron. That's Chong. Shes is the force behind Little Pusan, which is the Korean Restaurant immediately next door to my shop. The space has been a Maynard staple for nearly 20 years, and has a solid local following. Along with steaming bowls of ramen noodles to tuck into, there is Bibimbop - a sizzling rice dish piled with veggies and a fried egg (the bottom turning into a shell of delightfully crisp rice bits), Kim Bop - a Korean take on sushi made with seasoned pork and pickled daikon, and her version of a scallion pancake which is thick and egg-y, and best eaten with piles of house made kimchi.

It's not fancy. Or shiny and new. What it is, is local. Authentic. Come more than once and you'll discover a world of treasures that aren't on the menu. Pictures of her grand daughter. Stories of her travels. An over wintered tomato plant in the doorway.

Chong stops into my shop at least once a day. Sometimes it's because she needs help contacting our property manager, or to take a break from the kitchen, but often it's just because she's getting some fresh air and doing her daily lap around the central business district.

I treasure the difference of perspective that she brings to bridge the generational gap of the nearly 40 years between us. She is worldly, wise, and I am so grateful to be her neighbor. It's also a great place to get a bowl of green tea ice cream as you're having your own warm weather stroll.


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