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Meet the Maker: Earth Harbor Naturals.

I bet that if you are a creative - what you were drawn to as a child has informed who you are today, as an adult. I used to build forest forts to host tea parties in. Ali of Earth Harbor Naturals spent time digging into the earth of her native Georgia to spread the mud masque on her face. See what I mean?

When it comes to natural skincare that is ALSO effective - there is much to be desired. Beyond moisturizing and some basic physical exfoliation - truly transformational and truly botanical brands are few and far between. Earth Harbor Naturals is the real deal. Their founder Ali has spent her life devoted global environmental health and toxicology, and has come full circle with her offerings of serums, oils, toners, and skin polishing masks.

I started buying facecare products when I was 25. At that time, I was a busy massage therapist - working in spas, Pilates studios, and health clubs. Surrounded by wellness businesses and manual therapies, I was hanging out with more than my fair share of estheticians and spa techs. My eyebrows never looked better. Jk. It was 2008.

Now that I am 36, and building three small creative businesses, all of which I am the "face" of - I think about skincare more than ever. As someone with an autoimmune condition, I have always been naturally sensitive, especially when it comes to my outer layer. Not only do I want to smooth and hydrate, I want to nourish and calm. I diligently stay away from most of my inflammation triggers: gluten, highly processed foods, coffee, and I am DEFINITELY not putting harsh or synthetic chemicals on or in my body.

After using this line for over a year, I can say that it was the first thing that actually made a difference in how my face looks and feels besides my diet changes. You ALMOST can't tell that I am a too-busy entrepreneur who definitely doesn't drink enough water. Almost. XOMB

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